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HypixelTale - Sketch ( read desription ) by TirainaRex HypixelTale - Sketch ( read desription ) :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 3 7 AoDHP - Dare #3 by TirainaRex AoDHP - Dare #3 :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 2 2 AoDHP - Ask #3 by TirainaRex AoDHP - Ask #3 :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 3 2 MC:SM 'Control' - The fun's just getting started! by TirainaRex MC:SM 'Control' - The fun's just getting started! :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 4 4 MC:HP - Did you? by TirainaRex MC:HP - Did you? :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 5 4 SwapFell - The Dreemurr family by TirainaRex SwapFell - The Dreemurr family :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 11 1 AAAAAHHHHHH!!! by TirainaRex AAAAAHHHHHH!!! :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 0 1 WTH? ( read description ) by TirainaRex WTH? ( read description ) :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 4 6 Cosplays - Female! Maniac by TirainaRex Cosplays - Female! Maniac :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 3 3 AoDHP - Dare #2 by TirainaRex AoDHP - Dare #2 :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 3 6 AoDHP - Ask #2 by TirainaRex AoDHP - Ask #2 :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 4 1 AoDHP - Dare #1 by TirainaRex AoDHP - Dare #1 :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 3 3 AoDHP - Ask #1 by TirainaRex AoDHP - Ask #1 :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 2 1 Ask or Dare Hypixel V.1 (read description) by TirainaRex Ask or Dare Hypixel V.1 (read description) :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 4 8 MC:HP - Big pencil ( read description ) by TirainaRex MC:HP - Big pencil ( read description ) :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 5 3 MC:HP Head-canons - Murder Mystery by TirainaRex MC:HP Head-canons - Murder Mystery :icontirainarex:TirainaRex 7 1


Prize-Tiraina Rex by mariosonicfan16 Prize-Tiraina Rex :iconmariosonicfan16:mariosonicfan16 4 5
Mature content
PredatorShift- Chapter 10 :iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 3 3
Mature content
PredatorShift- Chapter 9 :iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 3 2
PredatorShift- Chapter 13
Chapter 13- Memory
The walk to the camera systems was, for the rest of the way, full of awkward silence. Yet, Gaster and Asgore knew not to let their guard down for a second. Not unless they desired the risk of harm from their unstable king. After a few twists and turns, the three ended up at an average-sized door. Asgore quickly jogged around Sans and Gaster in order to reach the door first. Sans flashed a quick frown but did nothing other than wait. Asgore fished a set of keys out of his coat pocket before he fumbled with them. Each key on the set was similar to each other, making it difficult to decipher which one of them was the proper key for this door. After only a few tries in the lock, Asgore could hear a few taps of impatience come from Sans’s boots. He quickly located the proper key and unlocked the door.
The room was just as the two had left it; screens set to various cameras in Hotland. It was then that Gaster and Asgore noticed that a number of the camera were nothin
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 4 0
PredatorShift- Chapter 12
Chapter 12- Surprising Deals
Gaster’s immediate action was to teleport into a small room within his lab. It held a number of screens and monitors than occasionally changed to new locations. There was a chair in the center of the artificially lit room, where Gaster’s loyal assistant, Asgore, sat examining the monitors. Or, that is what he should be doing. Gaster saw a book in his hands, one that was slightly warped by water and time. It appeared to be a gardening book, one of Asgore’s favorite subjects.
Gaster cleared his throat, alerting his assistant.  Asgore gasped slightly and hurriedly stuffed the book in his lab coat. He spoke nervously, “S-s-sir! You’re back!”
Gaster narrowed his eyes in disappointment. He silently made a mental note to punish his assistant at a later time. That was until he saw that the fur under his assistant’s eyes were stained with the remnants of tears. He quickly noticed that Asgore’s eyes were swollen sl
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 4 6
PredatorShift- Chapter 11
Chapter 11- Misleading Ideas
Gaster appeared on the Snowdin Forest side of the door to Home. With the substitute in one hand, he raised the other to knock prominently on the stone door. He knocked five times before he stopped. He had to wait. As he did so, his eyes glazed over on the stone door. He squinted his eye sockets, pulling to door into his focus. Something was… different about the door than before. Something he could not place. He put his free hand to the door. His eye sockets slowly widened in realization. Papyrus’s magic was missing. If he had a physical stomach, he would have felt it drop.
Gaster called through the door, “Papyrus?!”
He leaned on the large door. It moved slightly. The door was unlocked. Gaster kept a tight grip on the substitute before he attempted to teleport beyond the door. He secretly hoped this would not work. He appeared just behind the door, much to his surprise and fear. He turned his gaze towards the stone corridor, his eyes
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 3 5
Haunted by CardboardFriend: After the Crash Pg 5 by CreativeAnonymous Haunted by CardboardFriend: After the Crash Pg 5 :iconcreativeanonymous:CreativeAnonymous 98 44 The Snake by Splinks The Snake :iconsplinks:Splinks 1,517 328
PredatorShift- Chapter 8
Chapter 8- Past Dealings
Delving deeper into Waterfall gave Chara time to think over their current situation. However, their mind drifted back to a memory, one they always hung in the back of their mind.
Five years ago, mere months after they had fallen into the underground, Chara walked through Waterfall alone to Riverperson’s dock. They were nervous, their eyes shifted, and they shook slightly. Once they rang the bell at Riverperson’s dock, they felt immensely better, as though the bell spirited away their stress. Chara smiled at Riverperson as soon as their boat came to a halt, “Greetings, Riverperson.”
Riverperson lightly bowed, “Tra la la. Greetings, Chara. I see you are without little Asriel today.”
Chara’s smile dropped to a frown, “Yes. I need to go to Hotland.”
Riverperson turned forward in their boat, “Once more to Hotland? Step aboard, quickly if you please. I sense monsters nearby.”
Chara instinctually turned
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 5 3
Draw your squad base #1 Monopoly night by Diamondblingbling Draw your squad base #1 Monopoly night :icondiamondblingbling:Diamondblingbling 1,203 259
PredatorShift- Chapter 7
Chapter 7- Blunt Conversation
Asriel and Frisk ran out of the elevator with Asriel leading. The two did not speak; they only tried to keep their breaths even as they ran out of the lab and into Hotland. Asriel spoke, “C’mon! Let’s go to Ri-“
Asriel yelped before he stopped running dead in his tracks. Frisk wasn’t ready for this and nearly bumped into him. Asriel’s eyes locked at the top of the staircase to Riverperson’s Hotland dock. Two monsters stood there, ones unfamiliar to him. The two monsters wore lab coats and held bags of what appeared to be small machines and various machine parts in decent condition. One of the monsters exclaimed in shock, “That’s a human!”
The other one dropped their bag before they charged towards Asriel and Frisk, claws ready to strike. Asriel and Frisk panicked and ran in a different direction, into Waterfall. They were quickly surrounded by the low, blue light of the tunnel, though it took Fris
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 3 2
PredatorShift- Chapter 6
Chapter 6- True Colors
The walk to the end of the hall was silent for Frisk and Chara, save for their footsteps on the linoleum. Chara opened the last door in the hallway and spoke bluntly, “Just in here.”
Frisk peaked into the room to see it was pitch black. The lights were not on. Chara mused, “I do not know why, but the light switch is on the other side of the room.”
Frisk nodded, “I can find it.”
Frisk entered the dark room and kept their arms up to find the light switch. But after a few moments, once Frisk was near the center of the room, they heard the door close along with a click sound afterward. They stopped and turned back towards the door, but could not see it in the now complete darkness. Frisk spoke nervously, “Chara?”
They heard a dark, low chuckle from Chara, “You naíve fool.”
Frisk took a step back in the dark and shook silently. They then heard Chara’s footsteps approach. Chara spoke with a gaff,
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 3 1
PredatorShift- Chapter 5
Chapter 5- Family and Friends
Frisk awoke to the sound of gentle knocking. Through their groggy state, Frisk could hear Asriel speak, “Frisk? Breakfast is almost ready!”
Frisk yawned then called out, “Okay!”
Frisk stretched and got out of Chara’s bed before they dressed themselves in their still-dusty clothes. Frisk then slowly made their way downstairs, slowly awakened by the smell of oatmeal. Frisk spotted Asriel setting the table in the living room with a smile and humming a light tune. Instead of his pajamas, he was dressed fully dressed.  He wore simple, light blue jeans and a navy blue, long-sleeved shirt. Around his neck was a rainbow scarf, with his necklace barely peeking through from under it. He saw Frisk and frowned, “Are you okay?”
Frisk nodded and rubbed their eyes, “It just takes me a little while to wake up.”
Asriel shrugged it off, “Okay.”
Chara spoke up as they exited the kitchen, “This will
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 5 2
A Deadly Game of Hide and Seek
Aoife O' Leary spawned in the map a little later than the others. She started running about frantically looking for a decent hiding spot. The mansion only had a few accessible rooms and unfortunately many were already occupied. Suddenly a countdown began over the loudspeaker: "3, 2, 1, the Seeker has received their weapon." 'Weapon?! oh man, I gotta hide, and fast' Aoife thought as she scanned the room for anywhere, anything she could hide behind. She spotted a desk and crouched behind it. Soon after, she heard the pitter-patter of two sets of footsteps hit the tiles of the lobby. She decided to peek up from her hiding spot. A boy clad in a classic blue hoodie and beige pants stopped to catch their breath. He saw Aoife and mouthed the words "Run" right before he was struck down by a girl behind him. The Innocent counter on Aoife's watch went down from 10 to 9. Her eyes widened; "The Seeker" she gasped. Big mistake. The Seeker whipped her head over to Aoife's locati
:iconxxneonmissmiaxx:xXNeonMissMiaXx 4 5
Happy Birthday to Mike,Tiraina Rex and Samantha! by TheMaroonLightning Happy Birthday to Mike,Tiraina Rex and Samantha! :iconthemaroonlightning:TheMaroonLightning 15 5
PredatorShift- Chapter 4
Chapter 4- Questions and Games
Frisk paused in shock. Asriel hugged himself and kept his gaze off of Chara. Chara soon lowered their sleeve with a frown. They grabbed the two substitute pills silently before they approached Asriel. They placed their free hand on Asriel’s shoulder, “You have to eat them.”
Asriel continued to avoid Chara’s gaze, “But-“
Chara’s voice became more gentle as their hand moved to Asriel’s ear, “Rei, you must keep up your strength. Please. I need you to take this… besides…”
Chara turned Asriel’s head towards Frisk, “You would not want to risk hurting our guest… would you?”
Asriel lowered his head before he sighed deeply, “No… I don’t want to hurt them.”
Chara smiled before they gently placed the pills into Asriel’s hand, “Good.”
Asriel quickly ate the pills just as Chara pulled a knitted, star-patterned blanket over his lap.
:iconcrdlyoko:CrdLyoko 3 2


I'm just a Russian teen, who's really up to MineCraft and MineCraft: Story Mode stuff.
And I like doing comics, based on funny videos! If you have some videos, I didn't do in MC:SM version, please, send links to them and you can be mentioned!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


HypixelTale - Sketch ( read desription )
Yep, eventually I'm starting this thing. But I'm not going to finish this until I decide who's gonna take:

- Flowey role ( I mean, I don't want just copy this flower. I want to change it. Maybe, this isn't going to be a flower at all? )
- Frisk ( I'm thinking about giving this role to Blitz Sirvival Games (Jane), but for some reason I'm not sure )
- Asriel ( Blitz SG?? )
- Alphys ( Pixel Painters (Michael) or Blitz SG (Jane)??? )

* You called for help
* You are hoping NOT to get "But nobody came" in response
13 deviations
AoDHP - Dare #3
By the way, Hypixel and Jeff are feeling lonely without asks or dares too!
MC:SM 'Control' - The fun's just getting started!
Wow, it's been a while since I drew "Control" content. I really can't make Page 15 now, but regular arts might appear. By the way, that's for "Battle Of One" chapter.

P.S. OMG, am I progressing in drawing realistic humans??
When I played Murder Mystery at Hypixel recently, I found something interesting. I think this even goes into a comic with Hypixel ( Hypixel Says ) amd Jeff ( Murder Mystery )!
So. I was waiting for the game to start, when it did, I saw "Role: Innocent" on the screen. Then my antivirus popped out and closed MC. While the game was closing, "Role: Innocent" was replaced with "Role: Murderer" I though I was seeing things. After I opened MC again, I really was the murderer!
Then I was like: "Hypixel, what did you smoke? Hypixel, you're drunk. Go home!"


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